Who in the world is Rick Owens?

Rick Owens is a rare breed, an avant garde designer born in LA with the visual aesthetic Yohji Yamamoto. He mostly works in black, gray and all neutral tones in between. This is one of the reasons that I love him so much. I always know that every season he will create a work of art that will fit seamlessly into my growing wardrobe.

He recently opened a boutique in New York City (which I still have yet to visit). Even within his boutique there is a clear vision he carries out with smoke machines and a gothic feeling that perfectly blends with his designs. Recently style.com had an interview with him about the concept of his new shop. Check out the man himself here :

Rick Owens Interview

Even his angular black cape that he wears in the interview makes me think that he is a super hero. Sent here to challenge people on seeing lines, shapes, and form in a whole new way.

I hope everyone has seen why I love Rick Owens so much. Now here are some of my favorite looks from past seasons.

F/W 2003


S/S 2005


F/W 2007


S/S 2008




Are Hipsters the new Grunge/Anti-Fashion?


It seems that more and more these days new subcultures are popping up all over the world. So, it was only fitting that I explore the question that I have been wondering lately, Is the Hipster culture replacing what the Grunge scene was to Generation X?

Every generation has the aspiration to find someplace where they belong. Now, I can’t say that grunge music and fashion was that for me because I was about 4 years too young to actually enjoy everything about it. I’ve always felt like I have been late on everything. The punk movement seemed so expressive and new and of course I wasn’t around to live that. Then when America had its pulse on a new movement yet again I was too young. Now that the music industry is churning out more of the same thing it seems that the youth has turned more to the fashion industry.

Grunge was always about the music. The fashion just came last and as a method of expression on what music you listened to. Now, it seems to be just the opposite. There are more young people posting their daily outfits instead of record reviews. I happen to be addicted to checking out people’s Chictopia pages regularly too.

Grunge was this:


I like to call it unconscious dressing… They didn’t know it at the time but they were creating a revolution still discussed two decades later. This trend or influence has somehow spilled over into the 2000s.

Hipsters or Scenesters (whichever you prefer) are mostly identified by young people in their 20s who live in metropolitan cities with access to many fashion labels and cool new lounges or places to hang out..Misshapes (which is/was a party created by three new york DJs) was the first time the outside world saw young people who were learning more about fashion and creating their own look of personal style radically different than ever seen before. Having your photo taken there was even more important than going there for the music and atmosphere. This became so popular that a book was published of photos taken at this famous gathering:




I don’t want to say that I am part of the scene but I am a bit of a floater in it. I have attended the parties a few times and most of the time I end up looking at the outfits than the music…

Any thoughts on this observation?

oh and merry christmas!


87243_4503041299057_7a19dd658c_o3065677280_7b62e7c569dsc09895img_8965dsc09895 all photos  taken from stylescout,stockholmstreetstyle,facehunter and brgnstil streetstyle blogs…

Avant Grunge : The World of Bless


Bless, Dutch fashion house has been making waves for quite a while. I guess it’s about time I took notice. To tell you the truth I never read an article about them or anything like that, I was browsing around the Oak website and it was one of the few things that I managed to find I could afford. There it was: a beautiful draped black sweatshirt poncho with a gigantic hood. I came close to maxing out yet another credit card but when I got it in the mail it was beyond worth it.blsw_regular

While I realize that some people might say that this doesn’t fit in with the while grunge theme of my blog, this is the essence of my personal style. I think that my fashion style is best described as a streetstyle version of the avant garde and grunge aesthetic so that’s why Bless is featured here. Hopefully I have shown people a new designer out there! Goodness knows there are so many!

Bless is a mostly conceptual based fashion house much like Maison Martin Margiela. They name each of their collections by numbers i.e. No26 and so forth. Most of the the collections are described as “themeless” but it’s very clear that each piece seamlessly fit together beautifully. The concept of their design philosophy is best described from their site:




Stay glued for my Global Street Style Inspirations!


Man Love: Grunge Style.

So, in the interest of keeping things consistent and fair I promised that I would write an entry about the male side to the grunge look. In the interest of writing something semi-original I am not going to include Kurt Cobain in my wrap up. I feel that everyone knows so much about his style so I wanted to expose readers to something else.

Dave Grohl, drummer of Nirvana

For most people they think of the male version of grunge as just flannel shirts and torn jeans with long johns.Which granted might be true but, there is just something about Dave Grohl that I always admired. He sort of a had a more metal approach to the grunge look. I realize that most of the men in this time period had no idea that they were creating such a phenomenon that would indeed carry on decades, however there are great points in Dave’s choices. About 90% of the time he was on stage he had no shirt on, though the times he did he wore torn up muscle tees of old punkbands. I always thought that it was genius that those were the guys they were influenced by and yet they were becoming one of the most amazing bands in the last 50 years of rock music. Nowadays Dave is making music with the Foo Fighters..Another incredible band and even though his style has toned down a but he still has a place in rock history, and not just for being the drummer of Nirvana.

Chris Cornell, singer of Soundgarden

Chris Cornell always had such beautiful hair. To this day I use major product to get my hair this flowy…Also hailing from the pacific northwest he was never without his flannel shirts thrifted from various locations. He doesn’t look too bad now either.

Johnny Depp, actor

I have always loved a man who marches to the beat of his own drum. Back when he was trashing hotel rooms he remained one of the bad-ass actors around in the early 90s. Even to this day Johnny embraces the grunge look and lifestyle..and I will always love him for it…

Michael Pitt, actor

Ever since he played an uncanny resemblence to Kurt Cobain in the semi bio-pic, Last Days I have followed this kids style. I adore his style almost as much as his film work. He maintains one of the most grunge lifestyles today; living in Brooklyn and singing for his band, Pagoda. He always looks dissheffled but in a very put together way and not always by accident either. Just the way I like to dress everyday.

thanks for reading..stay tuned for more updates on my style findings!

Girl Love: Grunge Edition

Rayanne Graf, My So-Called Life, circa 1994
Many of you know her as the drinkin and druggin on again off again friend of Angela Chase (and if you don’t know her I strongly suggest renting the complete series on dvd), but to me she was one of the first inspirations that I saw on TV who looked how I wanted to look. She had crazy hair, never ending friendship bracelets, and was never without her combat boots and flannel. Yet she always retained some sort of femininity buried underneath all that teen angst. It’s more suprising to me now that the way she was in high school relates so much to my own personal style at 25 .Photobucket

Babes in Toyland, i.e. Kat Bjelland (middle)

I first heard Babes in Toyland when I was getting a ride to lunch from some older senior guy in high school ( I was 15 at the time). I remember being in his car when he played the opening track from their album, Fontanelle. I was blown away that so much raw power and anger could be heard from girls. Up until then the only girl “grunge/alternative” band that I heard was Hole. Lead singer Kat Bjelland, just exudes everything you could want to be if you were a teenager/ early 20s woman in the early 90s. Her fashion sense had more of a girlish quality. She paired babydoll dresses with vintage heels and boots topped off with 60s inspired glasses, however her demeanor still kept her just as dirty as the boys with her guitar.

Kim Gordon, Sonic Youth

What can you really say about Kim Gordon and Sonic Youth that hasn’t been said? She is the queen of grunge cool. My love affair with her and her band started when I heard the first 4 tracks of the “Daydream Nation” album. I had heard the “Washing Machine” and “Goo” album before but, Daydream is what put me over the mark with them. Now, I own most of the catalog. Getting to the Kim Gordon look ( who recently has been the star and muse of designer Marc Jacobs) is more about self-confidence than anything you wear. She can be seen in flowy dresses or stark black sunglasses. I guess you gotta be tough when you’re the only girl in the band.

Courtney Love, Hole, widow of Kurt Cobain

Well…Well…Well.. We all know who this is and despite tabloid rumors and scandals Courtney Love will always be known as the wife of Kurt Cobain and one of the first visual grunge and punk front women of the era (although she wasn’t). I have always thought that she was more popular for who she was married to as opposed to her bands music but that is just my personal opinion. Courtney’s style was so much more of an in your face vulgar edition. She decided to go more with the self destructive look. Often wearing lingerie and see thru clothes on stage. She was credited in some magazines as starting the “underwear as outerwear” trend (which is still very much alive today i.e. VPL, Marc Jacobs S/S 2008). It’s clear that Courtney’s style isn’t going anywhere.

Mary-Kate Olsen, fashion icon

God, I love this girl. I still can’t believe that she went from “Full House” kid to full blown icon. It’s almost like an addiction checking to see if there are new photos up of what she is wearing. Last season, (as seen here) she started wearing tights as pants which I always thought looked cool but wasn’t practical for the actual streets. I love her laid back but so put together style. From her messy and almost dreaded hair, flannel shirt, and infinite accessories, I will crave her personal style for years to come. If she wore a basket on her head people would follow and trust me she’d do it it well.

Erin Wasson, Model

She is what I like to call my “luxe” grunge girl (which I know goes completely against the philosophy of grunge. Let’s face it, designers are making grunge the current trend so of course its going to be expensive. She is one of my latest people to watch. Not only does she do grunge themed shoots but her daily life also seems to reflect the same aesthetic. She has a collaboration line coming up in Spring 2009 with streetwear label RVCA so, we’ll see what happens.

Stay tuned for the Male editon on Friday! Happy Thanksgiving!