Rosie by Shayne Zwickel

Photographer Shayne Zwickel has sent this latest series from Vancouver to premiere here on the site.  The nonchalant nature of walking through town all while keeping the 90s style truly alive some years later. Photography: Shayne Zwickel Model : Rosie Siltani Style : Flo Barrett H/MU : Ksenia Ogolikhina Assistant : Chad Lott

Patricia by Yolanda Y. Liou

A few weeks ago I shared a series by Yolanda in paris titled “Madi”. This is the complement set to that series entitled Patricia. Both representing the streets of Paris in their own way. Photography: Yolanda Y. Liou Model: Patricia @ Silent Paris

Inspiration: Validate

In life sometimes we need to find what validates us. For some it never comes, and some we find out in the most opportune times. Over the past few years I’ve really learned to embrace what I love and forget about what others think and that truly validates the soul. photos via pinterest

Solace by Stefan Deyn

In another exclusive series shot by Stefan Deyn, the raw landscape of the countryside perfectly compliments this visual portrait.  Take a walk among the trees and smell the spring in the air while getting to know Gaia. Photography: Stefan Deyn  Model: Gaia Orgeas