Beauty Watch: Pin-Orange Neo-Neon Hair Spring 2013 by Dana Ionato


written by Dana Ionato 

Orange Salamanders will be wrapping around the face of all the chicest women for S/S 2013. With the “Punk to Couture ” MET Gala opening, 1992 called, they want their grunge back.

You have seen neon colors on the likes of celebs over the past year; Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Kelly Osbourne, but this season will be a different twisted soft serve cone, all shades of pinks and complementing oranges.


Basically everyone is glazing this over their ombre, blondes and turning bright Fuchsia, bright copper-orange,tangerine, neon peach, sherbet,raspberry, all melded together in “Pin-orange” (pink +orange) which is perfect for summer fashionistas looking to change it up.

Proenza Schouler set the mold with their campaign for S/S with all different hues of pinks and oranges. This duo is perfect considering they are analogous colors on the color wheel. I love to use colors that are next to each other on the color wheel. They usually match well and make a bold statement heading into summer.

This is so easy to do at home or in salon. You can go two directions, I suggest with your colorist, inquire about glazing with manic panic. When manic panic is put over any hair color it will stain temporarily on different scales, obviously Blondes will be brightest hues, and brunettes deeper.

If you want to go for it, have your colorist do a double process, then have them do the pinks and oranges. I have been coloring my clients deeper hues towards the roots, and faded out more paler shades towards the ends. It can be raspberry and tangerine, or hot dark orange and hot pink. Be creative.
The second choice would be to put the temporary color over what you already have. Remembering that Manic Panic is like super thick water paints. So they will stain, but also fade off as you wash. Super easy to get out, but sometimes hard to keep in.
I recommend after your done coloring it to platinum, or if your throwing it over current color, make sure your hair is dry. start making deeper on root (by adding a drop of black), to progressive making lighter towards the bottom. Start diluting the manic panic with a cheap conditioner. making it more pale as it gets to the bottom. This still keeps dimension.
The Manic Panic colors Im obsessed with for this is Flamingo, Electric Lava, New Rose, and Hot fuschia. Always have the Midnight color handy to darken the tone (a pea sized drop will be plenty), and the conditioner to make more pale. By mixing the conditioner in with the color it gives you more room for creativity in different hues, pastels, to neon pastels, to deep rich dark pinks, and oranges. Its genius.
Leave it on dry hair for 20 minutes, with heat if your at the salon. Rinse and style. Try to not wash your hair for as long as possible, perfect to go along with the 90’s Grunge trend!
Manic Panic is amazing, and if you have any question of results, turn to their website. They show each shade on all different levels of hair color. Pinorange is the new craze for spring! Its so major and because its so loud, skin tone doesnt apply. No matter what bright colors your dying your hair, you will always need a bit more make-up to accentuate your hair.  Less is More, stick to green and blue tones for face.
You will see the “Pin-orange” on the most chic creatures roaming the city streets, wishing they were at the beach drinking pina coladas. Bring the beach to the concrete jungles by making your hair “Pin-orange”. This trend Stella McCartney, Narcisco Rodriquez, Burberry, all off the runway we saw, now lets transform our locks to high fashion, “Punk Couture” added with color blocking “Pin-orange” will be major.

DANA blog bio pic Dana Ionato is a colorist at Sally Hershberger in New York City.      After graduating college with a degree in public relations, Dana relocated to NYC to further her studies at the Aveda Institute with hopes of eventually opening her own spa. Planning to immerse herself in the business side of the beauty industry, it was actually the creative component that sparked Dana’s interest and she quickly developed a passion for the art and science of coloring.


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Model Inspiration…

if-onlyErin Wasson

It’s strange to think that a few years ago I didn’t have an interest in fashion photography. I loved to admire it from afar but I never thought that I would be this knee deep into it. Over the last few years I’ve  noticed that  I’ve become more and more inspired by models in general. If you follow the blog I’m sure you know a few of them but if not then here are some of my favorite models. More and more I’m inspired by the fact that models are these blank canvases ready for transformation into a story or idea. Constant inspiration.

19244576200Cole Mohr

40549417891Alice Dellal 

40120298569Dree Hemingway 

detail_menLawson Rhys Taylor

abbey-lee-kershaw-by-nick-leary-for_7Abbey Lee Kershaw 

searchCara Delevigne

Ash StymestAsh Stymest 

erik-andersson-photographed-by-aline-jacquelineErik Andersson

Soo Joo* now this is only a few of the models I love…don’t worry more are soon to come.

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Rainbow Brite…

I think we have all noticed that pastel hair has resurfaced again in the world. I remember being so mad that I had dark hair when I was a teen because I had to go through such a process to dye it. It seems that a bottle of manic panic on a frosty blonde is the recipe for a spring summer lookbook or even a vogue spread. Man, Charlotte Free has made a career out of having pink hair.

Take a look at this trend in action…

oh and we can’t forget Jem!

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Take a Look…

Into fashion style icon Dree Hemingway’s crib in a spread for Japanese magazine, Spur. Someone tell me how these  it-girls are popping up everywhere and it seems overnight?





credit: refinery29

Be my new fashion friend?

Dree Hemingway I love thee….