Exclusive: Cartoon Summer by Stephanie Segarra

Yes, I believe this is the first photo set that from Puerto Rico to premiere on the site. I’m super jazzed on this one from Stephanie Segarra that shows the faded cotton candy hair and the vibrant backgrounds of the landscape. Photography & Styling: Steph Segarraย  Model & Makeup: Yulie Padilla

Inspiration: Validate

In life sometimes we need to find what validates us. For some it never comes, and some we find out in the most opportune times. Over the past few years I’ve really learned to embrace what I love and forget about what others think and that truly validates the soul. photos via pinterest

Inspiration: Noise

Noise comes in many forms. Whether it’s grain on film or actual noise from sound it comes in many forms. Just the word that inspired this visual crop this week. photos via tumblr & pinterest