Wishing on a Star : My Current Wishlist

It’s been so long since I’ve done a proper shopping post.  I’m always getting questions on where to buy clothing and suggestions on what I’m loving at the moment. This is right in time for the holidays so whether or not you still have some last minute buying or you want to simply know what my current wishlist is then voila!

swatch_watchesIt’s no secret that I’m pretty obsessed with Swatch watches. So, when I saw the new Fall collection, these were my favorites. The Circle in a Circle (left) for obvious reasons, it reminds me of days in the 90s when I would watch after school programs in my neon biker shorts and color with day-glo pens. The McPattern (right) just displays all the perfect plaids all in one. What better way to remember the 90s?

vanssk8hiAs someone who has recently become obsessed with the Vans Sk8 Hi shoes I had to include them. They go with just about anything and are a great change from the all stars and Authentics that I normally wear.

rollins_shirtFirst of all one of my secret obsessions is long sleeved graphic tees. Something that is pretty rare nowadays. When I first saw this shirt from NY label, Obesity & Speed modeled after Henry Rollins’ tattoos I thought, “brilliant”. Available at Deer Dana.

drAs if they couldn’t make Docs any more cool? Oh wait they just did. I’m seriously obsessed with these. Like to the point of madness. Available at Dr. Martens.

hungry_eyewearJust because we are in the dead of winter doesn’t mean we can’t still obsess about sunglasses. I discovered this Australian eyewear brand, Hungry just a few months ago and I’m completely amazed at their range. Each frame is so classic and perfectly unisex. I’ve been wearing this pair, The Bold Jacks for months on end with no plans to stop anytime soon.


Cast of Vices has been one of my favorite brands for a while now. Their designs are always so imaginative and just edgy enough to push the boundaries of originality. The ‘coming or going‘ bracelet is a play on the hospital bands that we often overlook but they really are simple with great design features. Gimme.

gwenThe bondage pants of the 70s UK punk scene made a bit of a comeback in the 90s thanks to Gwen Stefani. I had a pair of Lip Service ones that were pink, white, and black. I’m also kicking myself that I have no idea where they are now.  Oh, well at least there’s eBay.


When my buddy Sedge over at ASOS announced that she had written a book on the ins and outs of Twitter I was super excited. Being a fellow social media junkie and her being a fellow grunge sister I had to check it out. It’s full of some of the best accounts to follow and gives you pointers for navigating the world of Twitter. Available at ASOS.

jessePhotographer Jesse Frohman was the last photographer to shoot Kurt Cobain in a formal photoshoot. We’ve all seen the iconic photos from the last set but he finally released a book this Fall detailing his experiences and sharing unreleased photos and contact sheets. This is probably on the top of my list overall. Available at Amazon.

Hope you enjoyed the selections! What are on some of your must have lists?


Inspiration: Versus


Sometimes it’s as if there are two people living inside my head. Each one has their own set of rules and moods. Today’s current mood is torn between minimal and grit. Two sides of my favorite and yet completely opposite aesthetic tastes.















images via tumblr


Menswear Monday : Evan Peters

evan-peters-on-quicksilvers-look-in-x-men-days-of-future-pastYes, it’s Tate. If you watch American Horror Story then you will totally get this post. Over the past four seasons actor Evan Peters has played a multitude of characters all from the anthology series by Ryan Murphy. He’s been a depressed grunge teenager, a suspected serial killer, a frat boy Frankenstein and now in the current Freak Show season, he’s just Jimmy Darling.

One of the reasons I like Evan Peters so much is his impressive dossier of characters in such a short period of time. Completely adapting to the environment and decade almost seems like such an ease.  He’s engaged to Emma Roberts, a fellow cast mate. Also, he doesn’t do many shoots but the ones I’ve seen are pretty badass.









 photos via google | tumblr


Model Crush: Yumi Lambert


In a model there is nothing better than a unique look. This is definitely the case with Belgian model, Yumi Lambert. She has captured the eye of the fashion world both on the runway and in print editorial. I love her tomboy style as well as her off-duty fashion in a pair of black skinnies and Docs.













Yumi @ Dominique Models (Belgium)

photos | pinterest


“Bad Vibrations” by Tim Swallow for fashiongrunge.com


Take a trip around the world all the way to Australia for the latest exclusive from the collaborative team, Lagoon Collective.  Composed of photographer Tim Swallow and cinematographer Ed Triglone, they take the ‘grunge aesthetic’ to a whole new badass level. Complete with road trips in a banging classic Mustang.














Direction/Stills: Tim Swallow

Video: Ed Triglone

Production: Lagoon Collective

Model: Charlotte Gregg @ IMG

Stylist: Cynarra Ferguson

Assistant: Tim Nathan


Model File : Oskari Nyyssölä

4In my usual browse for male model muses (and from suggestions on the Facebook page) I found Finnish model Oskari Nyyssölä. He’s signed with Nisch Management in Sweden and is slowly making the rounds of editorials and publications. While he is a trained ballet dancer, there is something quite rugged and mysterious behind him. I hope we’ll be seeing more of him soon.






photos via nisch management


Love Buzz | An Interview with Shawny Sander


I’ve been following musician Shawny Sander for a while now on social media. She’s the cool girl next door with a twist on grunge style coming from Berlin. Which also reminds me of another city I need to visit soon.

I had the chance to get an insight on Shawny’s taste and what exactly makes her tick. Check it out.

LB: Hey! Introduce yourself.

SS: Hey, my name is Shawny Sander, I’m 20 years old and I’m from Berlin.  Currently I’m working on my first studio album. Besides all this stuff like producing my video and writing songs, I’ve modeled  since I was 14 years old, but music was always my passion.

I grew up in a small town near Berlin. In school I was always “ the weird punk girl” , which was listing to “weird” music. The people in my school never understood the music I listened to like Nirvana, Joy Division, The Jesus & Mary Chain, The Cure, The Smiths,  Silverchair, Radiohead, Soundgarden, Hole etc… So at sixteen  I moved into the city and I went to a specialized school for music.  Since I moved to Berlin I’ve met so many wonderful and creative people. I’m deeply grateful for the ones, who helped me to make it possible to produce my music, which is influenced by all those “weird” bands.  ;)



LB: What’s your favorite thing about Berlin?

SS: My favorite thing about Berlin is that you can go into the street  in a pink fluffy body suit and nobody would call you an idiot. They would probably like to take photos with you.  Berlin is a very open-minded city, and there is such a great music scene.


LB:What was your first concert? and your last concert?

SS: My very first concert… I think it was a concert of my friend’s band; 70’s rock music.  The last one was probably  “The Underground Youth”. They play Psychedelic / Shoegaze music.  Such a good band!

LB: How do you decide what to wear each day?

SS:  Well, I guess it depends on my daily mood. Normally I grab my ripped Jeans, decide for a top and then I build up my outfit with accessories.


LB: What’s your most prized possession? 

SS: In any case-my guitar.  The emotional value is invaluable.

LB: Who do you look up to and why? 

SS: Oh, there are so many people I look up to. There are of course musicians like Robert Smith, Ian Curtis, Thom Yorke, Kim Gordon and Kurt Cobain, also filmmakers like Tim Burton and Sofia Coppola. The reason why I look up to those people? They are simply people who do what they want to do. There are good in what they do, because they live for it.


LB: Who’s your favorite female singer? male singer?

SS: Ok that’s a tough question. My favorite female singers are probably Rachel Goswell from Slowdive and Hope Sandoval from Mazzy Star. I can’t decide between these women.  And my favorite male singers are Kurt and Ian. Their voices are quiet unbeatable.


LB: Name one habit that you wish you could break. 

SS: I wish I could hold a conversation better than a wet bar of soap and  when I’m bored of something or someone It’s  impossible for me to hide it in my face. Sometimes I wish I could turn this habit off.


LB: If you could switch places with anyone living or dead for a week, who would it be and why? 

SS: I just want to be a boy for a week. I want know how it feels to punch other boys and play “how to be a heartbreaker”.

Follow Shawny: Instagram | Facebook

ph credits: Eva Erven (second photo) / GABO for Elle Germany (last photo)/ other photos c/o Shawny