Menswear Monday: On the Horizon…

One of my favorite magazines, Indie has done it again. Giving me another model to obsess about, Gabe Mador. After an exhausting day shooting part 1 of our new editorial yesterday, I’m wiped. Let’s just take a look at the eye candy for now while we decompress.

Photographed by Piczo

Art Direction: Kevin Kim

Grooming: Taku Sugawara & Suyoung Shim

Belated Menswear Monday Post: Indie Magazine.

So, I know that I am a day late for this post but I have a good excuse, jet lag and general reemergence back into my life after vacay. I was killing time at the Barnes and Noble and picked up one of my recent magazine discoveries, Indie Magazine. A magazine based in Austria that has a new fresh perspective on fashion. This editorial shot by Dom Smith took my breath away.

Photography: Dom Smith
Model: Aris
Stylist: Ryan Davis