Menswear Monday : “The Same Boy You’ve Always Known” by Niclas Heikkinen for INDIE Magazine






sameboyindie11 For issue #28 of INDIE Magazine via fucking young

Photographer & Stylist : Niclas Heikkinen

Models: Matthew Hitt, Charlie Westerberg, Ross Crawford, Jack Shaw


Model Files: Daisy Lowe


In the early days of the blog I did a quick post on Daisy Lowe but now my love for the model muse has grown ten fold. She’s the daughter of Bush frontman Gavin Rossdale and socialite Pearl Lowe and she really does have the best of both worlds. Over the past 4 years she’s been on the cover of Oyster and Indie magazine just to name a few. I love her boho grunge style, and her off duty style even more.

Get to know Daisy Lowe!


photos via thefashionspot//tumblr

Menswear Monday: On the Horizon…

One of my favorite magazines, Indie has done it again. Giving me another model to obsess about, Gabe Mador. After an exhausting day shooting part 1 of our new editorial yesterday, I’m wiped. Let’s just take a look at the eye candy for now while we decompress.

Photographed by Piczo

Art Direction: Kevin Kim

Grooming: Taku Sugawara & Suyoung Shim

Belated Menswear Monday Post: Indie Magazine.

So, I know that I am a day late for this post but I have a good excuse, jet lag and general reemergence back into my life after vacay. I was killing time at the Barnes and Noble and picked up one of my recent magazine discoveries, Indie Magazine. A magazine based in Austria that has a new fresh perspective on fashion. This editorial shot by Dom Smith took my breath away.

Photography: Dom Smith
Model: Aris
Stylist: Ryan Davis