90s Girl Crush: Brittany Murphy


When I was a teenager there weren’t too many actresses that I connected to. One of my earliest memories is relating to Tai from “Clueless” played by Brittany Murphy. She started out the grungy tomboy but eventually morphed into a true 90s girl. In my own life this transformation didn’t exactly happen, but I did love the fact that even through her new found “girlish ways” she still found love with the grunge stoner skater Travis. You can take the girl out of the grunge but you just can’t take the grunge out of the girl. Much like me.

In 2009 when I first found out that Brittany Murphy passed away, I was truly devastated. She was such an incredible actress and through much of my adolescence I followed her film career. From her roles in “Spun”, “The Dead Girl”, and “Girl, Interrupted” her range of personalities I felt always mirrored my own. Sometimes I can be crazy, a nerd, or just making jokes about anything. I thought for this Friday night while everyone is home in the rain or snow I could catch up and remember one of my favorite actresses who shaped so much of my persona in the 90s and just let me feel ok being me.

2ecd2d8fcc7ca674941513c731212e4120c2f502257a433ab4736211d47fa26824Imagemodelyouthurl-1url-2url-5url-4void[0]RIP Brittany Murphy…we miss you.

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Throwback Thursday: 90s Girl Crushes

When I was a teenager I embarrassingly had a crazy amount of pictures from BOP Magazine on my wall. These included the likes of Andrew Keegan and various other celebs who have virtually dissapeared from view now. During those times there were so many girls who I thought were the bees knees. So since I’ve done a post on the 90s hearthrobs, here are the girls who I would have  gladly switched places in when I was young.

39244524416Winona Ryder

claire-forlaniFiona Apple

nikki-coxDrew Barrymore

halle-berryAlicia Silverstone

lil-kimLiz Phair

jada-pinkett-smithLiv Tyler

urlAlanis Morissette 

url-1Gwen Stefani

36610945525Shirley Manson

tumblr_mgfc0iyeu51s1g9t2o1_500and of course Courtney Love

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there are so many more but we’ll save that for a future post!

Throwback Thursday: 90s Choker Necklaces

craftfb001*Fairuza Balk in The Craft

The 90s did have many questionable fashion moments. This post will not be about one of them. It’s time to remember the age of the choker necklace. Although this necklace came in many forms, it still remains a fashion essential today in any accessories closet. I used my power of intense internet research to think about every possible 90s film that featured the choker. Surprisingly it was quite difficult to locate images all in one place. From black velvet, lace, even spiked dog collars I’ve found some staple women in the 90s who continue to serve as daily inspiration in my own life.

1190205524_64750ba2d6Shirley Manson from Garbage

Drew-Barrymore-CHOKER-2Fashion-Trends-From-80s-90s-24016214Drew Barrymore

imgrestiffani-amber_00363591Tiffani Amber Theissen

tumblr_loonqtyUfF1qk6nf6Winona Ryder

tumblr_lwvv82EQzY1qzw4pgo1_1280Elisa Donovan (aka. Amber in Clueless)

tumblr_m95b4ngt4V1r403jbo1_1280Brenda in 90210

tumblr_mckk7q3nDV1qg80mio1_1280-1Tai from Clueless


Oh yeah, they weren’t just for the ladies. Jared Leto (aka. Jordan Catalano from MSCL) did the “string choker” proud.


Probably one of the funnies choker references of the 90s comes from Janeane Garofalo in Reality Bites.


To end my retrospective, I thought that the best use of the choker was Natalie Portman in The Professionals. It essentially was a character in itself.


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