Touched By Apollo by Andrew T. White

performance + art + fashion in Touched by Apollo

This series from Andrew T. White is reflective of a person almost living inside of art. Styled by one of my faves Sam Bates, this story plays off primary colors, angles, and beautiful fashion.

tunic- Tibi

trousers- Eckhaus Latta

shoes- Dr. Martens

top- Eckhaus Latta

skirt- Eckhaus Latta

socks- Eckhaus Latta

boots- Model’s own

sunglasses- Vintage

belt- Vintage

coat- Zadig & Voltaire

top- Dion Lee

trousers- Dion Lee

shoes- Dr. Martens

dress- Sonia by Sonia Rykiel

tights- Hue

socks – Eckhaus Latta

tunic- Creatures of Comfort

skirt- Creatures of Comfort

socks- Eckhaus Latta

shoes- Dr. Martens

Jacket- Model’s Own

blouse- Zadig & Voltaire

t-shirt- Zadig & Voltaire

trousers- Zadig & Voltaire

shoes- Dr. Martens

sunglasses- Vintage


Photographer- Andrew T. White @andrew_t_white

Stylist- Sam Bates @sambatesstyle

Model- Hazkel Brown @hazeuky96_10

Creative Direction- Andrew and Sam

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