The Art of Looking by Aya Watada

The Art of Looking by Aya Watada

The appearance of a person can inspire many stories. One may have many faces, many temperaments, and possibilities.

We explore, discover and interpret those layers.We then reconstruct the facets and tell a story; another story than she herself would tell.

“There was the girl, Daniela. I could smell the dusty, dry air. I heard a picturesque fiesta of memento mori. I chased after dull light through the window as the sun set far away”.

“I saw the heroine of that story newly emerged. Here is the girl, the skinny girl. La Flaca. She is innocence and abandonment. Isolation and enthusiasm. Alteration and beyond-ness. She is a story we have told”.

White jersey top and pants, Postelegant
Black sheer top, Forever21

White Victorian style shirt: Vintage
White veil, Vintage

White shirt: Postelegant
Denim, Forever21
Black platform, Pull & Bear

Gold lamΓ© top, Yves Saint Laurent
Black silk long dress, Vintage
Black leather jacket: H&M

Choker, Sad girls marry darth
Black platform, Pull & Bear

Black denim jacket, Pigsty, Shibuya
Blue stone washed denim jacket, Vintage
Black Sheer skirt, Forever21
Black platform, Pull & Bear

Black patent coat with red lining, Yves Saint Laurent
Blue stone washed denim dress wore as bra, Pigsty, Shibuya
Black leather mini skirt, H&M
Hand pattern stockings: Tokone, Harajuku
Black platform, Pull & Bear

Black hoodie: Vintage Adidas, Pigsty, Shibuya

Photographer: Aya Watada @aya.watada

Wardrobe Stylist: Yenifer Ubiera @yenifer.ubiera

Hairstylist: Michelle Nichole @michelle_nichole

Makeup Artist: Miho Shimizu

Retoucher: Shinji Uezumi

Model: Daniela Dominique @unknownmodelmanagement

Project Management: Laurent Meunier

Special thanks to:

Yuya Nakata @yuyanakata @postelegant
Norman Tsuji @suseye7
Shawn Balm

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