Wrong Girl by Vitalik Melnikov

Wrong Girl by Vitalik Melnikov (Ukraine)

This film series from the Ukraine tells the story of Z. Z. Hill’s wrong girl from the song “You Were Wrong”.  The mysterious nature and nostalgic tones add to the story.

Leather Cape; Litkovskaya, bustier & pants; Frolov


bustier/skirt; Frolov

overalls; Masha Reva

dress & shoes; Litkovskaya, accessories; stylists own

dress; Anna October, jacket; Masha Reva

coat; Anna October, top; Frolov

coat; Anna October, shoes and dress; Litkovskaya

dress; Anna October

jacket; Frolov, dress; Anna October

top; Frolov, pants; Masha Reva

dress; Anna October

coat; Anna October


photographer: Vitalik Melnikov https://www.instagram.com/vitalikmelnikovv/
make-up: Marina Samoylova –https://www.instagram.com/masamua/
 Video: Yulya Dahl @y_dahl Yaw Hinne @perishr_

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