Meri by Hervé Moutou

a hazy nod to the late 80s/early 90s in Meri by Hervé Moutou

I love the time period between two decades. Sometimes we blend both of the ages together, or to leave the past behind and start all again. In Meri by Hervé Moutou it seems like the late 80s Madonna style with an introduction to a more minimal style of the early 90s.

Shirt : Thierry Colson

Earring: Justine Clenquet

Top : Antik batik

Earring : & Other Stories

Dress: Zara

Earring: Justine Clenquet

Shirt : Thierry Colson

Earring : h&m

Dress : & Other Stories

Body : & Other Stories

Necklace: Maiyet


Photographer : Herve Moutou | @hervemoutou 

Stylist : Mia Rafolo @miarafolo

MUA : Sylvie Mainville @ Sybille Kleber agency using Marc Jacobs Beauty @sylviemainvillemakeup 

Hair Artist : Karmen Sefer @karmen_sefer

Model : Meri Niemi @ Karin Models

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