Meaningless by Jean-Guillaume Bastin

Meaningless; a mixed media editorial by Jean-Guillaume Bastin & Saki Watanabe

It’s the story of today’s youth in Tokyo.

A quest for meaning.

Our protagonist is going through phases:

she is lost, she fights and then she finally makes peace with herself.

Sometimes love is truly the answer and it starts by loving oneself.

She is not alone anyway, her shadow and her friends add color through her life,

as meaningless as she might think it is.

Story shot in Tokyo on film.


Concept and photography: Jean-Guillaume Bastin (
Model and Art: Saki Watanabe (@_2black4you)
Make-Up: Maila Tsuboi (@Maila_Tsuboi)
Hair: Madoka Anai (@nncllv)
Style: Takashi Sekiya (@Takashi_V)
Vintage fashion throughout

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