Concrete Jungle by Wilder Biral

urban exploration in Concrete Jungle by Wilder Biral

The location of these photos are filled with 70s buildings and gardens. It’s so overwhelming to be in a city at times that it can feel like a jungle.

k-way urban outfitters 
Calvin Klein sport bra 
Trousers mango 
Shoes Nike Air Up Tempo 
Ring necklace and earrings joyeverly 
Tommy Hilfiger hat 

trousers topshop boutique 
Leggings Umbro 
Calvin Klein sport bra 
Top stylist own 
Shoes Nike air up tempo 
Ring necklace and earrings joyeverly 
(+ supreme t-shirt) 

Floral parka by Ivy Park 
Top Obey 
TopShop Silver metallic trousers 
Socks and air up tempo shoes by Nike 

Tommy Hilfiger denim jacket 
Obey top 

top by fila 
Bershka sport bra 
Mango denim trousers 
Urban outfitters glasses 
Earrings joyeverly 
Fila T-shirt 

Styling by Alice Leggi 

Photography by Wilder Biral

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