Rule Angels! by Antonello Trio

“You shall know the rule!” Says the Rebel. “For I am your good Angel, do you hear? You shall.”
The below editorial is a reflection of rules between the Angels of C.Baudelaire.
The handmade items that have been used for this editorial are in experimental construction, designed to be part of an ongoing project.
2033 WORKINGPROGRESS collection can be defined as eternal and to indorse one of these items of clothing means to be part of a work of art.
The Angel Angeli is wearing two “ICONICS”necklaces:
Tribute to Iris Apfel a geriatric star. Free from frames of mind and stereotypes; tribute to Josephine Baker American singer and dancer, the necklace evokes her banana skirt at the Folies Bergère. The elements suggest freedom of movement, associated with freedom of thought. Physical presence as a work of art.
All the Angels of C.Baudelaire, the suffering,  the curious, the rebels,  the bright, are all present here, not only spiritually but also sensually and undoubtedly fascinating.

Art Director & Stylist
Filomena Barberio  @filomedea
Michela Husanu Instagram

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